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      Country: The relevant country or countries where the study takes place.

      Industry: The list of industries on the Wiki are based on the categorisation of creative industries as developed by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). For each study, we indicate the industries represented therein (e.g. music, film) as closely as possible.

      Policy Issue: As the Wiki aims to capture studies which can inform policy and public debate, the Policy Issues category defines 6 key areas, which are represented in short-hand with alphabetical values (A-F): A. nature and scope of exclusive rights; B. exceptions; C. mass digitisation/orphan works; D. licensing and business models; E. fair remuneration, and; F. enforcement. 

      Year: The year in which the study was published.

      For more guidance on how to navigate and search the Wiki, build visualisations and understand the key terms we use to code studies, visit the Copyright Evidence Wiki User Guide

      Please note that the search function on the Evidence Viz tool is limited to text from the Title, Author, Industry, Policy Issue and Year categories. The search function on the Evidence Wiki has a full text search function for all codable categories and may return different results.